Runway Edge Light Elevated

Elevated edge light to mark the edges of the runway

Runway Edge Light Elevated is an elevated, bidirectional edge light to be placed along or just outside the edges of the area declared for use as a runway according to the edge markings. The edge lights must be placed along the entire runway, in two parallel rows
that are at the same distance from the centerline of the runway.
The light is intended for ICAO CAT I, II, III and military runways.

The light is 320 mm high and bidirectional.

The light complies with standards for ICAO and NATO:STANAG 3316.

Article number

  • IWT.862.RWY.01
  • IWT.862.RWY.02
  • IWT.862.RWY.03
  • IWT.862.RWY.04

Powerd by

  • 6.6A Series Circuit
  • 6.6A Series Circuit
  • 6.6A Series Circuit
  • 6.6A Series Circuit

Power consumption

  • 42 VA
  • 42 VA
  • 32 VA
  • 32 VA

Light intensity

  • Yellow: 4,000 cd / White: 10,000 cd
  • White/White: 10,000 cd
  • White: 10,000 cd / Red: 1,500 cd
  • Red: 1,500 cd / Yellow: 4,000 cd

Basic Facts

  • Light source LED
  • LED Lifespan >60,000 hours
  • Working temperature -55° to 55°C
  • Protection Degree (IP) IP67
  • Dimensions ø165 x 320 mm
  • Weight 9.3 kg
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