Warning lights intended as traffic lights, or to warn pilots or vehicle drivers that they are about to enter an active runway

RGL is a warning light consisting of a yellow flashing light that warns pilots of aircraft or drivers of other vehicles that they are about to taxi onto a runway. The lights must be targeted so that the flight crew can see them when taxiing to the holding area, and light switching must occur at a frequency of 30 to 60 changes per minute.

The housing is yellow coated, lightweight, robust and has a weight of 23.5 kg.

RGL has a horizontal adju IWT ent : ± 20 °, a step of 5°, or Vertical adju IWT ent : from 0 to +20 °, a step of 1°, with the locking system.

Complies with standards for ICAO and NATO:STANAG 3316.

Article number

  • IWT.804.RGL.01 (Y)
  • IWT.804.RGL.02 (R)

Powerd by

  • 6.6A Series Circuit
  • 6.6A Series Circuit

Power consumption

  • 32 W
  • 32 W


  • Yellow
  • Red

Basic Facts

  • Light source LED
  • LED Lifespan >60,000 hours
  • Working temperature -55° to 55°
  • Protection Degree (IP) IP67
  • Dimensions 650 x 740 x 300 mm
  • Weight 23.5 kg
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