Inset Heliport FATO Light

Inset light for take-off and landing area for helicopter (FATO)

Inset Heliport FATO Light is a light intended for heliports. The light has a 6,35 mm protrusion above to ground and is equipped with a pressure valve for water tightness testing.

The lights on FATO and TLOF must be inset if they can pose a danger to helicopter traffic.

Elevated Heliport FATO Light is ICAO certified and meets the requirements for international standards and recommendations as well as general advice for heliports on land or water surface that require approval.

Article number

  • IWT.852.HEL.01 (White)


  • Inset FATO Light

Power consumption

  • 14 VA

Light intensity

  • White - 100 cd

Basic Facts

  • Light source LED
  • Working temperature -40° to 55°C
  • Protection Degree (IP) IP67
  • Feature Steady light
  • Powered by 110/230VAC - 24VDC – 6,6A SC
  • Dimensions 203.2 x 203.2 x 90 mm
  • Weight 2.40 kg
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