Illuminated Wind Direction Indicator – IWDI

Illuminated Wind Direction Indicator for heliport

There must be wind direction indicators for the flight crew to be able to get wind information during approach and take-off. If the heliport is to be used after dark there should be at least one wind direction indicator illuminated.

The mast of the wind direction indicator is made of aluminum alloy and the fabric of the wind sock is made of lightweight, waterproof textile that is flexible and has a long life span.

Meets all the requirements of wind direction indicators according to ICAO.

Article number

  • IWT.807.IWC.01(A)
  • IWT.807.IWC.01(B)
  • IWT.807.IWC.02
  • IWT.807.IWC.03

Powered by

  • 90 V - 260 V
  • 90 V - 260 V
  • 90 V - 260 V
  • 90 V - 260 V

Power consumption

  • 45 W
  • 45 W
  • 45 W
  • 45 W


  • AC Type (Civil Airport)
  • SC Type (Civil Airport)
  • Surface Level Heliports
  • Elevated Heliports

Basic Facts

  • Light source LED
  • Working temperature -55° to 55°C
  • Material Wind cone in waterproof canvas, metal stand
  • Dimensions - 0.90m×length 3.75m in civil airport - 0.60m×length 2.5m in surface level heliport - 0.30m×length 2.5m in elevated heliports
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