Elevated Taxiway-Apron Edge Light

Elevated taxiway edge lights to guide and mark edges

Taxiway edge lights must be installed at the edges of turning area or on aprons used in the dark. Edge lights for taxiways must be
provided on runways that are permanently intended to be used as taxiways during darkness and reduced visibility, unless center line
lights are installed.

Elevated Taxiway-Apron Edge Light is omnidirectional and has a weight of 1.55 kg.

The light is made in an aluminium cast body and has a lifespan of 60 000 hours.

Complies with standards for ICAO and NATO:STANAG 3316

Article number

  • IWT.861.TXW.01

Powerd by

  • 110/230 V 6.6 A Series Circuit

Power consumption

  • 12 VA


  • Blue

Basic Facts

  • Light source LED
  • LED Lifespan >60,000 hours
  • Working temperature -55° to 55°C
  • Protection Degree (IP) IP67
  • Material Aluminum cast body
  • Dimensions ø135 x 250 mm
  • Weight 1.55 kg
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